The fiskaltrust Portal

The Portal is the primary tool for fiskaltrust's partners to manage customers, create and update Middleware configurations, and roll-out and maintain products.

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Our solutions

Our products and solutions allow POS manufacturers and resellers to focus on their core business by covering the complexity of international regulations and requirements.

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Implement our open-source Middleware for free and use the same interface in every country.

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Resell our premium bundles and add-ons, and include them into your own portfolio on your terms.

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Easily comply with national fiscalization laws, either in the cloud, your datacenter, or on-premise.

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Safely store and interconnect your data - with revision-safe archiving and automated bookkeeping exports.

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Reduce waste, add customer benefits, and improve your store experience with our digital receipt.

Our partners

Our solutions are trusted by more than 1700+ integration and commercial partners.




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